Welcome To Our Mermaid Tail Blog!

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid, if even for just a day? Now parents everywhere can give their children a gift beyond their wildest dreams with the Mermaid Academy premium mermaid tails! Our mermaid tails are made of high-quality swimsuit material, and are fully functional, from the ocean to the neighborhood pool. We are excited to begin this blog to help parents everywhere find the mermaid tail or pooltime accessories to safely entertain their children time and time again.

Our Orlando Location

Mermaid Academy is located in the magical city of Orlando. Here, we enjoy a location that allows us to host memorable mermaid birthday parties and events for little girls across the country. Orlando is the perfect location for us; since families visit here regularly, we have the chance to reach little girls across the country in person!

For little girls, there is truly nothing more enjoyable than a day of learning to swim like a mermaid, and that is exactly what we provide! Our expert mermaid trainers will teach your little girl how to navigate the waters with their new tail; soon your child will be performing underwater tricks, and having the time of their life! We even offer underwater photography sessions to commemorate your child’s swim for a lifetime!

We’re Online Too!

We sell all of the mermaid products found in our physical location online to serve families everywhere! After all, for a little girl the only thing better than a day as a mermaid is everyday as a mermaid! Our specialized mermaid tails are made of swimsuit material for simple cleaning and a reliable, comfortable fit.

Check out our store for all of our mermaid tails and accessories or give us a call to set up an appointment at our Orlando location at (844) 308-5056 today!