Email from Director of Activities – Partner Resort

Please let your team know that if they ever need anything at all, just to find “Assistant Direct” or myself. They are doing great and we feel that you have a cool group! They pass the hospitality test – which is important for us! Remember, anyone can be taught to sell and to swim and it is our belief that your product sells itself – but there is always more than just the product and that is the people behind it!

Thank you and keep up the good recruiting! It’s definitely worth it to have the right person!

Director of Activities

Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice® 2014 Winner – Family

Letter to the General Manager – Partner Resort

I wanted to let you know how much our kids LOVED the Mermaid Academy! And Nicole the instructor and Joe treated us super super well! The girls PRETENDED they were mermaids long before they were introduced to the Mermaid Academy, so they LOVED the Academy! Nicole was like the best mermaid teacher in the world – “sweet”, “kind”, “gentle”, “positive” – everything you could dream that a mermaid teacher “should be”!!!!!! And Joe and I talked about the girls’ disabilities and he was genuinely interested! It was such a fantastic experience – for the adults and the kids! Then when I suggested the kids could get certificates in the future (for “graduation”), Joe provided 3 to our kids!!!!!!!! I was so happy, it really made our whole vacation! Thank you so much!

Jennifer Sinclair

PS – And, each child got a mermaid tail, and you may as well have just graced each one a queen they were so elated…..!


Email from Entertainment Assistant Manager of Local Non Profit Organization Partner

Happy Monday Joe,

So Saturday’s attendance was so unexpected. I know I prepped you that it could be slower and my manager reiterated that to Lexi and Saige but we didn’t expect the overwhelming response to this experience! Many families stayed back from the park to enjoy this experience. Families and children have been raving about their time on Saturday, one girl Elisabeth said it was better than Disney! Thank you so much for offering this experience and opportunity to us. Please extend my appreciation to Lexi and Saige as they were so patient and accommodating with our families. I raved to my manager who missed the first opportunity with Tatyanna and she was so impressed with the quality and dedication you and your team put into these experiences. Thank you!

Email from Resort Guest

You have amazing customer service which is going to help your business go far. Is there some way I can leave feedback on your website or can you only do it on your Facebook page?



Email from Resort Guest

Thank you so much. My daughter had the time of her life. What a unique experience.


Email from Online Customer

Hey Joe,

Thank you for getting back to me! I emailed several of your competitors and none of them responded. And good customer service means everything to me. That’s why we chose your site to place the order.

Karen A.


Email from Resort Guest Celebrating Birthday

Thank you for everything. My daughter had her dream birthday party and you made it possible. We thank you!!!

April and Sean C.

Email from Online Customer

She told me, “this was the best day of her life!”

D. Kline

Facebook Post from Mermaid Academy Guest

I love Mermaid Academy!!! My daughter had a blast in September at The Mermaid Academy and ordered a tail for Christmas!!! Easy to order and fast delivery, great customer service. Highly recommend!

K. Taylor

Email from Give Kids The World Guest

Hi Mr. O’Rourke,
The week before last, our family was at Give Kids The World in Orlando and we had a wonderful time doing many activities. I wanted to thank you and your organization for contributing to our experience with The Mermaid Academy training. It was the highlight of my youngest daughter, Heather’s, trip. She absolutely loved Saige and all the tricks and fun she had pretending to be a mermaid with her. It was wonderful to watch!


Email from Very Happy Customer

Hi Joe,

Oh Wow! We’ve seen them at Christmas and when they caught their first glance of the Disney castle, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen the kids so excited as when Mallory explained she was their Mermaid and Shark instructor!
That was an absolutely fantastic and unique experience for them, one they will never forget! Mallory did a superb job of bringing their aqua dreams to life, the kids adored her! Please, once again, express our sincere thanks!
The concept of the Mermaid Academy is amazing and we’re all so glad we found you!

Thanks for making this happen at such short notice, we’d love to experience this again on a future trip to Orlando.

Thanks again,